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The _SNDPLAYFILE statement is a simple command to play a sound file with limited options.


_SNDPLAYFILE filename$[, sync%][, volume!]


  • Filename$ support for: WAVE, OGG, AIFF, RIFF, VOC, MP3, MIDI, MOD
  • If sync% is used an opened file must have the "SYNC" capability to play on a side channel. A volume value MUST also be used!
  • If sync% is 0 or not used, the sound will be played on the main channel, so playing multiple copies of this sound at the same time won't be possible. (see the _SNDOPEN function for more information about the way QB64 manages channels)
  • If volume! is used an opened file must have the "VOL" capability.
  • Volume! is a SINGLE value from 0(silence) to 1(full volume). If not used, the sound will be played at full volume.
  • _SNDPLAYFILE never creates an error. If the sound cannot be played it takes no further action.
  • Changing the usage of sync% and volume! can make a difference as to whether a sound can be played.
  • The sound is closed automatically after it finishes playing.
  • When a sound will be used often, open the file with _SNDOPEN and use _SNDPLAYCOPY to play the handle instead to reduce the burden on a computer.
  • NOTE: Most of the QB64 sound statements and functions require a handle created by _SNDOPEN to be used.

Example: Playing a song at half volume.

_SNDPLAYFILE "dog.wav", .5

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