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Article by Matt Kilgore

The big advantage to Puppy linux is that it doesn't require it's own partition, and will even run off of a NTFS or FAT partition with windows installed on it. In addition to that, the most recent version of puppy (5.2.8) I have running on a computer that used to run win98SE, with 127MB of RAM and a 400Mhz processor. Now obviously it's pretty slow, but it still runs Qb64, which is pretty amazing. It could be used to bring some life into some old computers, possibly to run server programs written in Qb64, etc.

Anyway, instructions:

First, you'll have to have Puppy linux. You'll need 4 different files to get QB64 to run, I have 3 of them on my dropbox:




Notes: .PET files are files for SDL, both regular and DEV versions.


There is no direct link to the GCC Compiler for Puppy Linux because the file is version specific. Instead, go here:


In that directory, go into the folder pertaining to your version of puppy Linux (IE. If you're running version 5.2.5, go into 'puppy-5.2.5'), and download the *devx*.sfs file (Each one has a bit different naming system, but all of them will have devx in the name and a sfs extension). You have to use this file in place of the devx.sfs file that I'll refer to in these instructions.

Installation First, download all 4 of those files. Open up the ROX-filemanager and navigate to them. To install .PET files all they require is a click. Be very careful to install SDL.PET first! SDL.PET contains all of the SDL packages, both regular and DEV, but what-ever version of the SDL image files it has doesn't support png files. So install the SDL_Image and SDL_Image-DEV PET files after the SDL.PET to overwrite the origional's made by SDL.PET. You don't need to worry a ton, if you install them in the wrong order, you'll get errors relating to png images during the setup. If that happens, uninstall all three .PET files, and install them again in the correct order.

There is a different instaliation process for the GCC. it's a .sfs file, which means it's a file system. Basically inside of this file is a entire linux file system with all of the needed files. This file is loaded at boot-up. to set this up, first copy devx.sfs to the root of the partition that Puppy is running off of. Then goto the menu->System->BootManager. Click the top-right button(extra SFS files to load at bootup), and if the devx.sfs is at the root, it'll find it automatically. A new GUI will come up, in the list click on devx.sfs and then click 'add'. Then click OK. At this point, when you reboot Puppy will load devx.sfs into the file system, and the GCC compiler with it.

That's it for setup, now the fun part ^_^. Run over to the Linux section of the forum and download the latest version of QB64. Extract the entire thing to where you want QB64 on your drive (Weather it be inside the Puppy file system or outside). Open a new console, and 'cd' to the location of setup.sh. Run the command:


If the GCC is installed, you'll see the line g++: no input files. If everything was done right, QB64 will bootup.

Again, png file related errors mean you installed the SDL.PET files in the wrong order, or you didn't install one of them.

BTW, compiling QB64 takes FOREVER on a computer like the one I explained above. QB64 isn't made to run on a computer with those specs.

If you want to play midi files, you'll need the file timidity. In all honestly, I never looked for it since I don't plan on using midi files. If you want to use them, you'll have to find a .PET for them.

Hope this helps,


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