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The OUTPUT file mode is used in an OPEN statement to send new data to Files or Ports.



  • OUTPUT mode erases all previous data in an existing file or clears a port receive buffer!
  • Creates an empty file if the filename does not exist. Use APPEND if previous file data is to be preserved.
  • Mode can use PRINT, WRITE or PRINT USING to output file data.

Example: Writes new data to a text file sequentially and reads it back to the program screen.

filename$ = "testfile.dat" x = 1: y = 2: z$ = "Three" OPEN filename$ FOR OUTPUT AS #1 'opens and clears an existing file or creates new empty file WRITE #1, x, y, z$ CLOSE #1 PRINT "File created with data. Press a key!" K$ = INPUT$(1) 'press a key OPEN filename$ FOR INPUT AS #2 'opens a file to read it INPUT #2, a, b, c$ CLOSE #2 PRINT a, b, c$ END

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