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The QB64 Wiki is a continual work in progress, and relies on user contributions to help maintain it. If you find a mistake, or you feel something needs a better explanation, feel free to make the appropriate modifications, following the guidelines below.


Registering an account to edit the wiki

In response to recent spamming, users must register an account via the QB64 Forums. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Editing policies

Primary rules and regulations

  • Minor edits to correct incorrect/misleading information are OK but need to be explained. It's not OK to go through and re-word people's work.
  • Edits to change the layout of the information (eg. to the proposed black-blue scheme) are NOT OK unless 3 or more long term(6 months minimum) contributors agree.
  • Inclusion of new information (including to existing pages) is OK.
  • Removal of information is BANNED without approval by 3 contributors/Galleon.

Failure to abide by the above rules will lead to members being blocked from making changes to the QB64 WIKI.

General guidelines

In order to help keep the Special:RecentChanges page free of clutter, the following guidelines can be followed:

  • When editing a page, use the Show preview button to see your changes to the page before submitting them. This allows you to be able to correct typos and other common errors.
  • If you plan on changing multiple parts of a page, try and combine those changes into a single edit, especially if they are related.
  • When submitting changes to a page using the Save page button, always provide a brief summary of the changes in order to help others figure out what has changed and why.

Following these guidelines makes it easier to see, understand and track changes, and decreases time spent on maintenance.

Wiki layout and style guidelines

Keyword pages

Keyword pages provide programming references to QB64 statements and functions, detailing the syntax, behavior and example usage. The keyword page blueprint has a mock-up of a simple keyword page, showing how a keyword page should look, and the MediaWiki markup used to achieve that look. If you see a keyword page that doesn't conform to the blueprint, feel free to update the page according to the blueprint.

Pages that need to be written

  • TODO (for a list of pages that need written or reworked)
  • Special:WantedPages (these pages are linked from other pages but don't exist. refer to TODO or ask if you are unsure whether to create a page that is listed here)

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

  • Configuration settings list
  • MediaWiki FAQ
  • MediaWiki release mailing list
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  • History
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