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The QB64 Forum has some ways to make your posts easier to read and allows a limited amount of code to be posted. It is highly recommended that code posted be enclosed in a code box by clicking the # button and pasting! It also prevents smileys.

  • Insert Code button (# symbol): Inserts a [code][/code] box area to paste scroll-able program code text. [code]Your code[/code]
Code can be easily copied from a post later by clicking the Code: [Select] button to highlight and right click to Copy.
Pasting code directly into the text entry area is NOT recommended and may create smiley characters in code!

  • Insert Hyperlink (globe symbol): Inserts a [url][/url] area for internet links to other pages or sites. Some links pasted directly into the edit area may not link correctly! Link titling can be done as follows: [url=Link address]Your title[/url]

  • Insert Quote (bubble symbol): Inserts a [quote][/quote]] box area for quotes from other posts or other sites. Use when you want to respond to specific users or statements. Author can be added as follows: [quote author=Name]Your quote[/quote]
Use the Quote button of previous posts to copy an entire post with the author's user name in the Quick Reply area.

  • Attachments and other options: Click the link to open the options area below the post text entry area.
  • Notify me of replies check box option.
  • Return to this topic check box option.
  • Don't use smileys check box option.
  • Attach File option: Choose file button allows a poster to browse for file(s) to upload to and link at bottom of post.

Note: All Forum file uploads will be monitored for relevance and may be removed if warranted! (limit 30MB)
Warning! Spam posts and commercial advertising will be removed and so may the Forum user!

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