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QB64 supports some DLL Library statements and functions. Currently the specified DLL file MUST either be in the Windows System folder (System32) or in the QB64 folder! NOTE: Use them at your own risk! QB64 CANNOT provide specific DLL Library information or support! When using unsupported DLL files use DECLARE DYNAMIC LIBRARY and the name of an inactive library without the .DLL extension. The following statement and function routine examples have been provided by members AS IS:

Galleon's OPENGL library-interface for QB64
I've included a demo, it's the same one as the screen-shot I posted a couple of weeks ago. Download the zip, extract it, then put its contents (maintaining directories of course) into your QB64 folder. Some files will be overwritten, that's fine. After that, just start QB64 and run 'gldemo.bas'. Download (~6MB): http://www.qb64.net/gl_package.zip

See also:

Note: QB64 requires all DLL files to either be with the program or in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder!

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