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The BEEP statement produces a beeping sound through the sound card(QB64) or PC speaker(QB) if it has one.




  • BEEP can be placed anywhere to alert the user that there is something to do or an error has occurred.
  • ASCII control character 7 can also create a BEEP sound when you PRINT it (See CHR$).
  • In Windows it may produce a "thunk" warning sound when a Qbasic program is running in a SCREEN 0 window.
  • Newer PC's may not have an internal speaker to hear ANY Qbasic sounds!
  • QB64 produces the actual "beep" sound through the PC's stereo speakers.
  • To produce the BEEP sound character in a QBasic(.BAS) or a batch(.BAT) file using a DOS editor (or the QB IDE) press Ctrl + P then G. PRINT it inside of quotation marks to beep in QB. Use the character after ECHO in a batch file. Not in the QB64 IDE!

Code Examples:

Example: Creating two beep sounds using BEEP and printing the ASCII control character 7.


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