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QB64 Community Member Sites

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Community Member Sites
A forum where beginners can discuss the very basics, in starting to program, with qbasic, qb4.5 and QB64. Members can ask questions, post code, look at demos, etc. Includes link to qb64.net for more info on qb64 and downloading it.

Digital Knife Monkey Productions is an organization of programmers who submit programs to the group so that each program may be improved in areas where each programmer is weak, thereby improving the quality of the programs of each member. The site has a selection of QB64 tutorials, code samples, and complete source code downloads.Members can communicate with one another through several methods including: forums, member walls, private messaging system, blog comments, site IM.
Darth Who's Fast Math Library: Copy and paste text to an h file

A personal site/forum about Qbasic/QB45 programming with program downloads. QB64 programs area.

vWATCH64 is a real-time debug/variable watch utility to help with programs written in QB64. vWATCH64 generates a modified version of your source file, allowing for breakpoints and real-time variable watch.
vWATCH64 is compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux.

An officially recognized partner site to promote, educate, and document QB64.

VQB03 supports unlimited windows (draggable, resizeable, min,max,exit and you can switch between them)

aKFramework is GUI Framework library which can create beautiful dialogs. You can add the objects listed below:
Labels, Buttons, Link Labels, Picture Boxes, Panels, Dividers, Text-Boxes, Combo-Boxes, CheckBox, Radio Buttons,
Numeric Up-Down, Tool-tips (labels, buttons, picture boxes and link labels only), Progress Bars, Animation Effects (dialogs only)
You can also use events like hovering and clicking of the objects listed above with Tool-tips, Progress Bars, Panels and Dividers

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