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$ELSE is precompiler command, which determines which sections of code inside its blocks are included into our code for compiling.


$IF variable = expression THEN...
  • $ELSE must follow a valid $IF statement
  • There can only be one $ELSE in an $IF-$ELSEIF-$ELSE-$END IF block, and it must be the last block selection before the $END IF. $ELSEIF can not follow $ELSE.

Example 1:

$IF WIN THEN CONST Slash = "\" $ELSE CONST Slash = "/" $END IF PRINT "The proper slash for your operating system is "; Slash

For the above, the CONST slash is defined by the automatic internal flag (WIN), which tells us what operating system we're using. On a windows PC, the Slash will be the backslash; for any other OS it will be the forward slash.

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