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Naw, I don't think that making a page to referance the alphabetical page keywords is a great idea. I'm trying to make the keywords friendly and easy to use. So I am staying out of teaching QB here.

The tutorials are weak and short so far. I am not going to get into it. I already have my QB Demo.

I think tutorials here should be limited to QB64.


First of all, I understand your concern that it should be limited to QB64 (most of the users will know QB 4.5 anyway for even trying QB64), however, there is a chance that a real newbie comes along and at least should be taught the basics (I'm not a teacher really, but something is better than nothing), and QB64 is a language of it's own and since it contains full QB compatibility there should be QB tutorials here as well, there won't be a flood of QB 4.5 tutorials here but at least the basics should be covered.

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