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The UBOUND function returns the largest valid index (upper bound) of an array dimension.


result% = UBOUND(arrayName[, dimension%])


  • arrayName specifies the name of the array.
  • dimension% specifies the dimension number, starting with 1 for the first dimension.
    • If omitted, dimension% is assumed to be 1.
    • If dimension% is less than 1 or is greater than the number of dimensions, a subscript out of range error occurs.
  • UBOUND, along with LBOUND, is used to determine the range of valid indexes of an array.

Code Examples:

DIM myArray(5) AS INTEGER DIM myOtherArray(1 to 2, 3 to 4) AS INTEGER PRINT UBOUND(myArray) PRINT UBOUND(myOtherArray, 2)

5 4

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