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<stylin> The item "Trimming a number using RTRIM$ is not required as STR$ removes the undocumented trailing PRINT number space." is confusing, irrelevant and incorrect. STR$ doesn't "remove" anything and PRINT doesn't append trailing whitespace when writing numbers (perhaps you are confusing the leading space with a trailing space ?). IMO, the item should be deleted entirely.

Try it and see! PRINT STR$(123) + "!": PRINT 123; "!"

<stylin> Yes, I see what you mean. Still, such information really has no relevance with STR$, and should be moved to PRINT, if anything.



<stylin> It's just my opinion. PRINT behavior has nothing to do with STR$. Obviously, you disagree. Perhaps a thread should be opened on the forum. Seriously, if you are incapable or unwilling to discuss things in a mature way, just say so.

I AM SICK OF ARGUING and I WILL NOT post anything more in the "Community" forum because it is ALWAYS your way or the highway! I AM SICK OF your opinions! You NEVER liked my work in the first place from your remarks BEFORE you started editing.

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