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Page did not follow current formatting and included a TOC.

<stylin> instead of reverting the page, why not take the time to update it yourself ? Yes, it did not follow the blueprint, but neither does the old version, so either way it needs to be updated. Reverting it serves no purpose -- other than to fulfill your need for control, perhaps ?

YEAH and you are still using THROWN errors. So who do you think will win?

<stylin> Let me repeat: this is not a competition. Looking at it that way is detrimental for the docs. IMO, you should post your concerns of "thrown" at the forum. I think it's quite appropriate, but others may agree with you. (and considering you've already chosen loud and clear not to contribute to the wiki-wide keyword page blueprint update, it would be important to get the opinions of those actually doing the work)

Don't worry babycakes! I'll redo the PRINT page. My main concern was getting rid of the TOC. I just added that to the Keyword page formatting rules. Why don't you make an example template that users can just copy to notepad. Then they can copy and paste things in. Also what is gonna happen with all of those {{parameter|number}} things?

<stylin> The TOC appeared because ==headings== were used instead of the {{PageWhatever}} templates. Updating those would have gotten rid of the TOC. As far as an example template goes, sure we can make one, and that may be a good idea. But the most time-consuming part of making examples is linking the keywords.. it takes seconds to type {{CodeStart}}{{CodeEnd}}. (this is the biggest reason for writing a MediaWiki code highlighter/linker extension). Regarding the {{Parameter|whatever}} templates, those will be useful in the wiki->other_formats converter to ensure a consistent look and feel. (my primary reason for creating a keyword page blueprint was for such a conversion program, if you remember)

I remember, but I have not seen anything yet. Are you going to show us anything after all of these changes? I'd really like to see SOMETHING soon!

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