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<stylin> There's no need to revert the entire page and lose all the formatting.. If you don't like a parameter name or a description then simply change it.. let's not double the work required here.

YOU are changing all of the wording. We don't need to do that either, do we?

It was quicker than editing most of it. I'll be back after I look up ITERATION.

<stylin> Actually, I do think many of the descriptions need to be made clearer, for beginners and experienced alike, or I wouldn't have touched them. There's like 4 or 5 places "iterator" is used, much quicker than editing the entire page again to update the formatting. Use your head.

Keep wording down to a 10 year old or QB64 is dead anyhow! You can UNDO my edits, but keep it simple. I don't like having to look over your shoulder all of the time either. But THIS IS NOT just YOUR WIKI! Remember that! I did not spend all of MY time for some jerkoff to just reword it all to his amusement!

I have already alerted Galleon.

<stylin> Like I said, if you have a problem with the word "iterator", then feel free to change it, that's fine. Just understand that I'm not rewording some things for my personal amusement, but to provide clear and accurate descriptions, even for beginners; just because "small" words are used doesn't mean that it's easy to understand or correct. BTW, I'd like to hear Galleon's opinion, if he has the time. Some of the existing descriptions confuse the heck out of me, and I'm no beginner.

IF you have a problem then ASK. ADD QB64 descriptions if you must, but don't USE QB64 ONLY numbers in the Qbasic keywords!

<stylin> good god man, in that case just remove the keywords or add a comment to the Talk page as you see fit. reverting entire pages is not helping anything, do you understand ?

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