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The SIGNAL keyword was reserved for OS/2 systems (protected mode). See the example for more information about how and why it is used.


ON SIGNAL(number) GOSUB line
SIGNAL(number) ON

  • Currently NOT supported in QB64!
  • It will only work with compiler 6.00 and 6.00b and Basic PDS 7.00 when compiling in protected mode under OS/2. In all other situations, a SIGNAL statement results in an "Advanced feature unavailable" error message.


PRINT "This program traps CTRL+BREAK in OS/2. Try it." ON SIGNAL(4) GOSUB trap SIGNAL(4) ON 10 a$ = INKEY$ IF a$ = "" THEN GOTO 10 END trap: PRINT "CTRL+BREAK trapped. Press any key to quit" RETURN

Output: It returns the following when Ctrl-Break is pressed

This program traps CTRL+BREAK in OS/2. Try it. CTRL+BREAK trapped. Press any key to quit

Error message in QB4.5 if not using OS 2:

Advanced feature unavailable

Source: Microsoft KB41389 [[1]]

See also:

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