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The SETMEM function is used to increase, decrease or return the current "far heap" byte size.




  • Currently NOT supported in QB64!
  • SETMEM(0) returns the total number of bytes currently in the far heap memory area.
  • The byte size indicates the number of bytes to increase or decrease the far heap.
  • If the byte size is negative, SETMEM decreases the far heap by the indicated number of bytes.
  • If the byte size is positive, SETMEM attempts to increase the far heap space by the number of bytes.
  • If SETMEM cannot change the far heap by the requested number of bytes, it reallocates as many bytes as possible.
  • SETMEM can be used in mixed-language programming to decrease the far heap space so procedures in other languages can dynamically allocate far memory.

Note: A first call to SETMEM trying to increase the far heap has no effect because Basic
allocates as much memory as possible to the far heap when a program starts.

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