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The RIGHT$ function returns a set number of characters in a STRING variable starting from the end and counting backwards.


RIGHT$(stringvalue$, numberofcharacters%)


  • The stringvalue$ can be any string of ASCII characters as a STRING variable.
  • The numberofcharacters INTEGER value determines the number of characters to return from the right end of the string.


  • If the number of characters exceeds the string length(LEN) the entire string is returned.
  • RIGHT$ returns always start at the last character of the string, even if a space. RTRIM$ can remove ending spaces.
  • Number of characters cannot be a negative value.

Example 1: Getting the right portion of a string value such as a person's last name.

name$ = "Tom Williams" Last$ = RIGHT$(name$, LEN(name$) - INSTR(name$, " ")) 'subtract space position from string length PRINT Last$


Example 2: Adding the leading zero in single digit HEX$ values using RIGHT to take the right two hexadecimal string digits.

SCREEN _NEWIMAGE(640, 480, 32) '32 bit screen modes ONLY! red = 255 green = 0 blue = 128 Color32 red, green, blue PRINT "Colored text" SUB Color32 (R, G, B) R = R AND &HFF: G = G AND &HFF: B = B AND &HFF ' limit values to 0 to 255 hexadecimal$ = "&HFF" + RIGHT$("0" + HEX$(R), 2) + RIGHT$("0" + HEX$(G), 2) + RIGHT$("0" + HEX$(B), 2) PRINT hexadecimal$ COLOR VAL(hexadecimal$) END SUB

&HFFFF0080 Colored text

Note: When a single hexadecimal digit is returned the resulting value will need the leading zero added. Otherwise the hexa- decimal value created will have a byte missing from the value. EX: Color &HFF000000 is valid while &HFF000 is not.

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