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The PALETTE statement can swap color settings, set colors to default or set the Red, Green, Blue color palette.

RGB Syntax:

PALETTE [attribute, Red + (Green * 256) + (Blue * 65536)]

Swap Syntax:

PALETTE [set_attribute, new_attribute]

  • Red, Green and Blue values can be from 0 to 63. Many color shades possible in non-DAC color attributes.
  • If the Red, Green and Blue color intensity settings are all the same value the color is greyscale.
  • Screens 0, 7 and 9 (DAC) colors cannot be changed by the RGB syntax statement in QBasic! Can use OUT to change attribute 1 thru 5 intensity settings.
  • A swap is often used with DAC color attributes that cannot change RGB settings. Only the RGB color settings are swapped from original set_attribute to new_attribute. Screens 0 thru 9 support swaps. Screen 10 up to 8 only.
  • PALETTE without any value sets any changed RGB settings back to the Qbasic default color settings including DAC colors.
  • PALETTE USING can be used when color intensity values are stored in an array.

Example: Displaying all 64 DAC color hues as backgrounds in SCREEN 9 using a PALETTE swap.

SCREEN 9 ' background is default black LOCATE 20, 33: PRINT "Press any Key!" FOR i = 1 TO 64 a$ = INPUT$(1) ' wait for a keypress PALETTE 0, i NEXT

Note: Other attributes(1 to 15) can be swapped for DAC foreground colors also.

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