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The _OS$ function returns the operating system and QB64 compiler bit version used to compile a QB64 program.


compilerversion$ = _OS$

  • Allows a BAS program to be compiled with QB64 in Windows, Linux or MacOSX using different OS or language specifications.
  • Use the return to specify the current OS code to use when a BAS program is compiled using another version of the QB64 compiler.
  • Returns a STRING listing the OS as [WINDOWS], [LINUX] or [MACOSX] and the compiler bit format of [32BIT] or [64BIT].
  • Windows can use either a 32(default) or 64 bit compiler. Linux and Mac use 64 bit. Example: [WINDOWS][32BIT]
  • Note: It may not be possible to run a QB64 EXE program compiled on another operating system to get an _OS$ return value.
  • Explanation by Galleon: http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?topic=12193.msg105406#msg105406

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