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The LPRINT statement sends string text or numerical values to a parallel port(LPT1) printer in Qbasic or a USB printer in QB64.


LPRINT [expression] [{;|,}]


  • expression is one or more text or numerical expressions separated by a semi-colon (;) or comma (,).
  • Syntax is the same as PRINT, but cannot use a port number.
  • Program does not have to OPEN the LPT1: parallel port. In fact that is NOT recommended!
  • Assumes a 80 character wide page unless a WIDTH LPRINT statement is used. WIDTH LPRINT is currently NOT supported in QB64!
  • LPRINT USING can print formatted text data to a page identically to how PRINT USING formats a program screen.
  • COLORed text and images can be printed using _PRINTIMAGE which stretches them to fit the default printer's paper size.
  • LPRINT will only print to the DEFAULT USB or LPT printer that works in Windows. Keyword Not Supported in Linux or MAC versions
  • Note: Printer Escape codes starting with CHR$(27) will not work with LPRINT and may produce text printing errors.

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