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IF statements make Boolean True or False program evaluations to automate program decision making.

Syntax: IF evaluation is true THEN execute code
  • The evaluation by IF must be true for the THEN code to be run.
  • IF statements can also have alternative evaluations using ELSEIF and ELSE conditions.
  • When the IF statement and/or code to be run is more than code line, an END IF statement MUST be used.
  • With multiple code lines to run, end the IF statement with THEN and place all of the code on lines below that line.
  • With multiple code lines to run (a IF...END IF block), the IF statement and END IF statement must be the first statement on the line!
  • Qbasic's IDE may return an error pointing somewhere else if you forget to use END IF!
  • Use colons to change multiple values in a one line IF statement. You cannot use AND on the other side of THEN!

See also: IF...THEN

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