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Creating a WIKI has its problems. There are literally thousands of Wikipedia options available, but some are not easy to use or simple to do. Probably one of the most organized and sometimes most annoying features is the Table of Contents or TOC in WIKI parlance.

When you use a TOC or one just appears suddenly out of thin air, the first thing that you notice is how domineering it can be. It ALWAYS numbers the listings and can even use subdivision letters, but you gotta take whatever it gives you. I'm sure there are ways to manipulate it, but you need to do a lot of research to find what you need. Thus came the urge to just get rid of it with a great option called NOTOC. But how do you navigate then? Editing the long keyword list involved a LOT of scrolling and users wouldn't like that!

It also has a bad habit of always seeming to be in the way! No matter where you try to put it, it just seems wrong! That's when you start thinking about creating your own custom TOC. One that fits your needs, looks good and is out of the way, so to speak. We needed something better than the WIKI vertical TOC and a horizontal alphabetical one fit the bill. I had seen many on the internet and started searching for a way to make one. Wikipedia had this: Compact TOC. It LOOKED simple enough, but nobody could get it to work!

That is when Cyperium came up with the wonderful idea below! It also allowed us to customize everything including its name. Plus we could make TWO alphabet categories with the QB64 underscore keyword letters and the Qbasic keyword letters below them!

Alphabetical QB64 Keyword Listings

QB64:  _A _B _C _D _E _F _G _H _I _K _L _M _N _O _P _R _S _T _U _W  

Qbasic:   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

Symbols    -    References

If you have done any WIKI editing then you should be familiar with the __NOTOC__ command. It is essential to eliminate the default TOC that pops up when more than three categories or divisions are made on a page. Then you must create the custom TOC using the <div id="toc"> division with the style set to center the box area as below. The alphabet letters follow the custom title name:

__NOTOC__ <div id="toc"><p style="text-align: center"><br> '''Alphabetical QB64 Keyword Listings''' <br><br> '''QB64:'''  [[#uA|_A]] [[#uB|_B]] [[#uC|_C]] [[#uD|_D]] [[#uE|_E]] [[#uF|_F]] [[#uG|_G]] [[#uH|_H]] [[#uI|_I]] [[#uK|_K]] [[#uL|_L]] [[#uM|_M]] [[#uN|_N]] [[#uO|_O]] [[#uP|_P]] [[#uR|_R]] [[#uS|_S]] [[#uT|_T]] [[#uU|_U]] [[#uW|_W]]  <br><br>'''Qbasic: '''  [[#A|A]]  [[#B|B]]  [[#C|C]]  [[#D|D]]  [[#E|E]]  [[#F|F]]  [[#G|G]]  [[#H|H]]  [[#I|I]]  J  [[#K|K]]  [[#L|L]]  [[#M|M]]  [[#N|N]]  [[#O|O]]  [[#P|P]]  Q  [[#R|R]]  [[#S|S]]  [[#T|T]]  [[#U|U]]  [[#V|V]]  [[#W|W]]  [[#X|X]]  Y  Z <br><br> [[#symbols|Symbols]] '''   -   ''' [[#references|References]]</p></div>

Each letter's name and display is placed between template brackets with the # denoting the name of the division to be created later. The same exact name will be placed inside of quotes at the division later in the page. Cyperium denoted the QB64 underscore by using #uA as the name and _A as what will be displayed on the TOC in this instance. Any name is fine and any word could be displayed! Click the A in the menu above or the menu below to see how it works!

Table of Contents

A  B  C D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

Symbols - References

The above TOC simplifies the code and represents what a normal alphabet list would look like. You should note that letters not used can be omitted or placed simply as letters without division names. Since QB64 may have need for some letters later on, we eliminated them in the top alphabet. The Qbasic list was already "finished" so we can just place unused letters without any template links.

__NOTOC__ <div id="toc"><p style="text-align: center"><br> '''Table of Contents''' <br><br> [[#A|A]]  [[#B|B]]  [[#C|C]] [[#D|D]]  [[#E|E]]  [[#F|F]]  [[#G|G]]  [[#H|H]]  [[#I|I]]  J  [[#K|K]]  [[#L|L]]  [[#M|M]]  [[#N|N]]  [[#O|O]]  [[#P|P]]  Q  [[#R|R]]  [[#S|S]]  [[#T|T]]  [[#U|U]]  [[#V|V]]  [[#W|W]]  [[#X|X]]  Y  Z <br><br> [[#symbols|Symbols]] ''' - ''' [[#references|References]]</p></div>

To space the letters you cannot just use spaces! The WIKI will ignore spaces so you have to use a little bit of ASCII trickery. After each letter template use one space and then use the NBSP character. To create the character hold down the Alt key and enter 255 on the number pad only and release both keys. Repeat the procedure until the spacing of each is satisfactory! If you copy the code above, backspace once at the beginning of each text line below NOTOC once it is copied to the WIKI page! Space or <br> as desired.

NBSP stands for non-breaking space

The Final Links

<div id = "A">A</div> * [[ABS]] (function) * [[CALL ABSOLUTE|ABSOLUTE]] (statement) * [[ACCESS]] (file statement) * [[ALIAS]] ([[DECLARE (non-BASIC statement)]]) * [[AND]] (logic operator) * [[AND (boolean)]] * [[ANY]] (variable type) * [[APPEND]] (file mode) * [[AS]] (variable type of file number) * [[ASC]] (function) * [[ASC (statement)]] (QB64) * [[ATN]] (function)

The page division link is shown above. It also uses the div id = with the link name inside of quotes and the letter to display listed between the > and < pointers. The actual displayed letter A is immediately above on the left hand side of this page. The link for our underscore letter _A is: <div id = "uA">_A</div>. You can click the normal A in either TOC above to return to the code link above!

Returning to the TOC

<p style="text-align: center">([[#toc|Return to Table of Contents]])</p>

To return to the TOC from the lower sections of the page, use the above code link where needed. Note that toc is in lowercase:

(Return to Table of Contents)

I hope this article can help other WIKI users make their pages better. If you have any WIKI tips or comments please feel free to post them in the following thread:

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