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My Story with Mac

June 24 2008 at 3:02 AM

The PhyloGenesis  
from IP address

I haven't yet lost anyone in my life, though too many are too close, and I can say you can't prepare for how much it hurts. I never met Mac but it hurts like I did, maybe I just knew him more than I thought. I suppose that even online six years will do it.

I'd like to mention a couple things, first I want to thank him for how he treated me as a newb. After hearing the news about the cancer I went back and looked at old posts; he was definitely right to treat me that way, and I'm very thankful he did, it taught me a lot.

Secondly, for those of you who remember, I want to point out the "Pearls of Wisdom" (which I will gladly forward to anyone who wants them) that he wrote. I'm now very grateful that I asked for them, and I will definitely remember him for it, in fact I think I'll read through them again and if I have the time I'll post my favorite. Which is your favorite?

So Ted's right, it happened way too fast. I feel really horrible now because my first thought on hearing the news was that I'll e-mail him, and thought I'd talk about what was going on on the forum, but then realized many others probably would. After that, I kept going to do it then putting it off, not knowing what to say, and now suddenly it's too late to thank him for all he's done. I am writing this immediately after hearing he passed, so that at least his family can know my appreciation.

I am reading everyone else's posts and want to agree with all of them. Ted reminded me how fast it happened. Mystik reminded me how much Mac taught me and I'd like to also copy his last sentence: I'm happy for him that he died in his sleep, quite probably the best way to start the next journey. I know most of us won't forget him and I'm one of those people.: I hope you don't mind. TheBOB reminded me of how Mac took care of the ads. I recall that well, as I had dialup also. I didn't get kicked from them but they certainly kept me from posting as much as I would have, that is until Mac took care of it, which I too appreciate.

And so, I would like to add to the list, my condolenses to his family. I too will miss you Mac. Rest in peace friend.


Odd coincidence that the first Pearl includes, "By the same token, I don't expect or solicit any recognition for the pearls that I will be presenting here, since probably countless others have independently arrived at the same thoughts and have simply failed to grab credit for them."


- QBasic Rules - Mac (RIP)

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