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The Mac I knew and will remember.

June 18 2008 at 10:49 AM
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Well I'm afraid I don't have stories to tell or anecdotes I never knew Mac at that level, we exchanged a few emails and such but nothing out of the ordinary can be told from those. I didn't get to know him from many dialogs, as I said I only had a few emails to work with. So I used the next best thing to learn about him, I learned about him from his posts scattered all over the web. Now I'm not just talking about the posts on this forum, I'm talking about the posts that helped people learning to program surmount the initial challenges bestowed upon most new programmers. Some of his replies when trouble occurred somewhere, the way he replied and handled the situations when they were presented. The few emails I had basically confirmed to me what I've been thinking from all these posts so I presume I wasn't half bad at reading and understanding his posts.

I think everyone knows that Mac was true to himself and to his friends. He's very realistic and always seemed to have both feet on the ground at all times. One thing I always liked about Mac was his ability to reach newcomers down to their level and bring them back up to his level. Seemed he had a knack to explain what he wanted them to understand in a way that typically never yielded to many other questions from those learning from him. He might have made a great teacher because of his ability to teach and his patience. That is to those that wanted to learn. To those that wanted their homework done for them, well they know (we all know) how he was and what he thought about that. The bottom line was that Mac was someone with a lot of knowledge and experience willing to spread that knowledge amongst newbies and other experienced programmers alike. Getting that knowledge was pretty simple too, all anyone had to do is ask.

Mac also knew when a subject was over his head and always gave a real picture of if he could answer a question or not. He was always curious about those and always eager to learn about them. He must have been a great programmer in his career if he had these defining attributes to work with back then. Curiosity, passion and determination are always what makes a good programmer. Mac was full of all these qualities right up to the last post I've read from him (and the last email I've gotten from him too).

From the little I know compared to others here, I'll always remember Mac as a man that wanted it and made it happen, in his career, on the Internet and most importantly in his life as I'm sure he was the same way there too. He won't be forgotten and I wish him the best on the next part of his journey.


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