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Remembering Mac

July 2 2008 at 9:54 AM
Daniel H. Benson  
from IP address

Mac and I met each other when we were in the 8th grade in junior high school, and that began a lifelong friendship. When Mac returned from his Army service and entered the University of Texas, where I was also an undergraduate at the time, we were roommates and great friends. He majored in mathematics and electrical engineering, and I was pre-law and then later in law school.

After completion of school and marriage, our families maintained contact with each other when we were both living in the Washington, D.C. area, and then later in Europe -- I was in Germany and Mac was in Switzerland. I only regret that our families were not able to visit with each other more often.

Mac was the most consistently realistic and honest person I've ever known. Whether reality was good or bad at any given time, Mac faced it as it was, including his last illness. Mac liked reality, celebrated reality, accepted reality in all things.

And he had the best sense of humor of any perason I've ever known. He saw humor in everything, and was not shy about expressing it.

Mac saw through pretense and phoniness wherever it appeared, whether in politics, religion, or any other aspect of life.

It would take an entire book to recount all of the adventures and misadventures that Mac and I had over the years, as junior high school and high school students, in the university, and in our lives afterwards. I may write that book someday.

For now, let me just say that Mac was the best friend I ever had, I already miss him terribly, and if there is any kind of future life or existence, I want to look him up and let him show me around the place when I get there.

It has occurred to me that if there is a Heaven, then Mac will surely be there right now, and he just might be engaged in an argument with God about whether or not God exists. Mac always wanted good, solid evidence for things, and there were no exceptions.

Rest in Peace, Good Friend.

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