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You were one of the greatest.

June 21 2008 at 4:15 AM
from IP address

I have thought this post for few days now. I have decided to paste my last email to Mac here.

Hi Mac.

I guess you dont remember me since i am not very regular visitor at
QBASIC forums. But what matters is that i know who and what you are.

I was shocked after i heard about you. After few minutes, i started to
smile. It can sound weird that i really did smile in a midle of shock
like that.

Why i smile? Because, if there is a heaven and your path there is
opening, then there must be lot's of young angels waiting for you to
come there and teach how to DO...LOOP.

I know you teach them well...as well as you have teached and guided
numerous peoples above earth. Even angels, cant dream about better.


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