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I've learned a lot here.

June 26 2008 at 1:58 PM
from IP address

I learned to program on my Dad's Commodore 64. When I started High School, my folks got a Packard Bell. I discovered QBasic and the internet in the same year.

I remember the old Qbasic.com. That's how I found this forum the first time.

I don't post much. I never did.

Some of you might remember me. I was really active on 2005, when Mark first took over QBasic.com. I've got a post in the "programs you're proud of" section. I've asked and answered a very few questions here over the years.

But mostly I've just read the posts. I have, almost without fail, read a page or two of posts on this forum at least once a month for just over 10 years.

And I've learned a lot. I work as a Technical Writer at Lowe's, and the programming that I've picked up here (and other places) has been a tremendous boon to me. I write "macros" in VBA for Excel and Access with extreme regularity, and I was nominated for an "Unsung Hero" award for the automation and time-saving solutions I've been able to bring to those workbooks / databases.

I know at this point you're smelling a lot of "I" coming off this post. But I never knew Mac. I may have exchanged posts with him. I may not have.

So all I can speak to with any amount of honesty is what I've learned from this forum as a whole, just by observing it. And that's been considerable.

When I read the first post about Mac's passing, I knew who Mac was, the same way I know who most of the "regulars" are: MCalkins, TheBob, mennonite, pete, etc.

But I didn't realize that Mac was as wholly responsible for the quality of this forum as the other members have given him credit for being. TheBob, whom I've learned a lot from just by reading his posts, credits Mac for keeping him on the forum at all.

This forum has quite directly helped me grow as a programmer. And therefore, though I didn't realize it until recently, Mac has helped me grow as a programmer.

That he was able to affect me--positively without knowing me or even knowing of me--is amazing, and a testament to the quality of this forum, and the potential of the internet.

On this realm where ideas are shared, the cream inevitably rises, and people like me take notice and learn something.

I appreciate what I've learned here. And, when I stop to think about it, it floors me when I realize that people I've never met, never spoken to, and barely, barely communicated with have made a difference in my life, and helped me become more effective at solving problems.

So I thank Mac. And I thank everyone else who contributes to this forum. Especially the regulars.

I'm here to tell all of you: you're not just helping the people that post here with questions. You're also helping a more casual audience of people who feel affectionately toward QBasic, and read the posts here largely for fun.

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