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"QbasicMac Calling!"

June 27 2008 at 3:33 AM

bomberpunk (bp)  
from IP address

Mac, everything is going to be in lowercase just for you, because i know you love it.

trying to compose this tribute post was a bit overwhelming for me because i didn't realize how overwhelming it was going to be, if that makes any sense. you see, i unfortunately abandon the forum quite frequently and for too long each time. it would have been nice to have had an email read to Mac in his final days with us.

there is much more backstory, much more emotion, and a much stronger bond that i had with Mac than i previously realized. my earliest post was in september 2003, and from then to now there are quite a few things i'd like to share with everyone.

let's talk about a little program that Mac wrote from scratch known as CallURL, shall we? i seriously thought something was wrong with me because the program seemed so simple, so user friendly, but it was so not working for me. Mac and i would email back and forth, he would carefully detail every mouse-click and every command to ensure that i would be able to correctly use CallURL to post my program into the forum. we both got so frustrated. nothing worked. Mac probably thought i was stupid. He even called me long distance to figure this out. and finally, Mac asked me if i was using microsoft internet explorer. being a fan of mozilla firefox, i had a compatibility issue with CallURL. the moral of the story is sometimes the most frustrating things can be solved so simply that it's just ridiculous!

once again, Mac came to the rescue when i freaked out about qbasic not working in windows xp. one quick email attachment and i was coding programs once more!

remember when gmail had just come out? back then, gmail was not open to the public. these days anyone can join and you can invite 100 people. so anyway, Mac had a gmail account and offered me one of his ten invites so that i could join. i then wrote him an email, “instead of going with ‘bomberpunk at gmail dot com’, i figure i'd pay homage to my internet qbasic mentor and stick with a qbasic-type name.” so i chose neobasic.

Mac was a genius, and that genius influenced each and every one of my game programs from the day we met and even co-wrote a couple games with me. (1). (2). eventually a long-running joke was born and implemented into just about every game program i posted. each game would have a handicap built-in just for Mac, usually called Geezer Mode, or sometimes just Mac Mode. Mac would play it and email me with something like “it’s still to darn hard, LOL!”

speaking of playing games, Mac had me absolutely hooked on V’GER. (3). half of those posts are mine! You can also download the ‘Mac01’ thru ‘Mac13’ files and run them in V’GER. It’s like having Mac playing the game on your pc!

over the years, Mac would frequently mention how he and his grandson played computer games together, including some of my creations. in January 2007, i completed (sans a couple minor bugs) a game dedicated to Mac and his grandson. i do regret leaving that game sit in my hard drive for a year and a half, but there’s no reason Mac’s grandson cannot enjoy it! (4)

one last thing i would like to mention is my most cherished memory of Mac. a few of you know i am from new orleans and that the second half of 2005 was quite a ride to say the least. to make a long story short, it took me a while to get myself back on track. Mac posted several topics about my whereabouts and if i was okay by the time i finally returned to the forum only to i mention that i would be focusing less on qbasic programming and spending more time with my music career. knowing the financial status i was in, Mac jumped at the opportunity to buy my record when it came out. i knew Mac was up in age, i knew Mac wasn’t going to like the cd, and i think Mac knew he wasn’t going to like it either. Mac never heard my music, and he didn’t care what it sounded like. Mac even offered to send me money. he just wanted to show support to a fellow friend on the qbasic forum.

anyways, i'm proud to have known you, Mac. may you rest forever in peace. farewell my friend.


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LINK 1: http://www.network54.com/Forum/178387/message/1108917854/2+DRUNK+GUYS
LINK 2: http://www.network54.com/Forum/178387/message/1166737190/Fun+game+for+Kids
LINK 3: http://www.network54.com/Forum/273951
LINK 4: coming soon

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