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Author Topic: a merit system for confidence builders?  (Read 73 times)


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a merit system for confidence builders?
« on: November 24, 2012, 01:49:57 AM »
this was a off topic post by me 'sory' (that fell out) while answering on topic in another thred that myself and OldDos felt warranted showing to everyone and most importantly to the leadership here as a way to boost morale,confidence of members and  the amount of care/attention given back to the group/forum/project..

(names changed for privacy)
mr.AAA, mr.BBB and I have been passing emails on a few AI and automation projects, he has some uncanny natural skills and thinking ability that boils over with creative ideas and abstract directions to look for new things. I would think he would be a mathematician or theoretical physicist already. IMO having such raw talent available for bouncing ideas can't be matched.

there is just not enough pats on the back,encouragement,confidence building going on here to really unroll many of the members ability. I think that is something we should try to fix.

 perhaps if we devised a silly trophy email system to award mastering concepts in qb64 programming members could feel achieved and if Galleone would offer a (digital certificate emailed) for amassed trophies we could unroll those abilities..ofcorse it wouldn't compare to a collage degree in computer science but still a confidence builder.

we have plenty of critique/competition to go around but no achievement marks available other than post stats..   

all it would really take is someone adept to break down the language/science into learn-able concepts the rest is freely found online. a few trophy pictures and a certificate.

you guy's think I should pose a thred on the idea in it's own heading? reply was a firm YES!

I waited for a positive response to move it here..would like to know what you all think and if we can implement it as a part of the group.

I realize nobody has time or is paid to teach school here, but we learn alone and help each other too here. so that part is taken care of already. we only need a few emails sent from (leadership) above to accomplish this task. which in time could be automated and only a redirect of a proctor's approval that a pupil(member) has mastered a concept.

the proctor's could be (anyone willing to submit a tutorial with a mastery exam) and that process automated in time aswell..

the automation would be only there to keep things ethically bound with zero corruption..

the certificate could simply say the number of trophies won.. and there is our achievement marks.. in the real world this could be shown to prospective employers who might even pay a tuition to a university or school down the road..

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