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Author Topic: Current Version of QB64 (V0.954, released 20th Apr 2012) [Linux/MacOSX/Windows]  (Read 46357 times)


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Current Version of QB64 (V0.954, released 20th Apr 2012) [Linux/MacOSX/Windows]
« on: April 20, 2012, 06:20:13 AM »
Click a link below to download QB64:

http://www.qb64.net/qb64v0954-lnx.tar.gz (~10MB)
After extracting, run the installation batch/script called 'setup.sh' in the 'qb64' folder to setup QB64.

http://www.qb64.net/qb64v0954-macosx.tar.gz (~15MB)
After downloading:
1) You must install Apple's Xcode package from their website: http://developer.apple.com/technologies/tools/xcode.html (you won't be using the Xcode interface directly, QB64 just needs to have access to the MacOSX C++ compiler it installs). If you have already installed Xcode, ignore this step.
2) If using MacOSX 'Lion' or above, you may need to install XCode's Command Line Tools as well (or g++ will still not be found during install and it will fail).
The Command Line Tools can be installed from within Xcode in 'Preferences', then 'Downloads', then 'Components' and then clicking 'Install' in the line with the 'Command Line Tools'.
3) Extract the download and run 'setup.command', found within the 'qb64' folder.

Both downloads contain identical content:
http://www.qb64.net/qb64v0954-win.zip (~80MB)
http://www.qb64.net/qb64v0954-win.7z (~30MB)
Note: Windows users can use QB64's update system to upgrade to this version.


What's new?
-Implements the '_MEM' memory interface for safe, fast, raw memory access [http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?topic=5967.msg61466#msg61466]
-Patch applied for SHELL "consolecommand >somefile" in Win7 Professional (previously didn't work)
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