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Author Topic: How to report Bugs/Incompatibilities?  (Read 2228 times)


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How to report Bugs/Incompatibilities?
« on: September 17, 2008, 05:01:48 AM »
Use this forum to report bugs and incompatibilities in the implementation of QB64.

This forum area is NOT for feature requests or for reporting unimplemented QBASIC features which are clearly listed on the as yet unimplemented list in README.TXT of the QB64 download.

Suggested reporting/posting method:
i) Subject/title: Keep this succinct and to the point, key words can be capitalized.
ii) Explanation: Explain what the problem is and provide all details necessary.
iii) Example: Provide a short code example (if possible/relevant) which demonstrates the problem.
iv) OS: Provide basic info about your OS, for example 'Windows 7 64-bit'.

You CAN re-list bugs reported in a discussion forum (even if you didn't find the original bug) if you feel they have not been addressed. The goal of this forum is to list and track ALL bugs in QB64.

How will reports be tracked?
I will read and tag your post title to let you, and others, know the status of a problem, what (if anything) is being done to fix it and a guide to how long it will be till the problem is fixed. Tags will be in square brackets, so avoid these in your title to avoid causing confusion. When necessary, I will reply to a bug report asking for more information or to explain actions being taken. The following tags will be used:

[verified] The reported bug exists
[critical] The bug is serious and will be fixed in the next update if possible
[syntax checking] The bug is a syntax checking issue whereby invalid code is not checked properly and results in unexpected results
[fixed*] The bug has been fixed, but the change won't take effect until the next version of QB64 is released
[fixed] The bug has been fixed
[not a bug/incompatibility] The issue is not a bug/incompatibility, this post may be moved/removed in the future

Reference Errors
If you receive an error such as,
...reference 64-5272
it means an error has occurred within the BASIC code of the compiler. Please report these and upload/post the .BAS code which caused this error.

Immediately after seeing this message, go into the "internal" then "temp" folder of your QB64 installation and run the file 'qb64/internal/temp/recompile.bat' (on Linux it is called 'recompile.sh', on MacOSX 'recompile.command'), and report this output along with the .BAS code of the QB64 program causing the error.
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