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Author Topic: How to add a Tutorial to the QB64 Forum  (Read 133 times)


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How to add a Tutorial to the QB64 Forum
« on: February 20, 2013, 02:24:37 AM »
1) Prepare your tutorial off-line and once it is ready...

2) Add a NEW POLL (not a new topic)

3) Enter an appropriate subject for your tutorial

4) Choose the 'lamp' (the light globe) as your posts icon [this is optional]

5) For the poll topic enter "Please rate this tutorial..."

6) For the poll's options enter:
Needs Revision

7) Leave the 'Poll Options' on default, but 'tick' the "Allow users to change vote" checkbox

8) Add your tutorial's information as the main content of your post

  • Attachments are allowed in the tutorial sub-forum too
  • No replies can be posted in the tutorial sub-forum, so your post must contain the tutorial in its entirety
  • In the future, a feature may be added to search for the most recommended tutorials, so having the poll is necessary

...Thank you for sharing...
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