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Author Topic: Cannot copy JPEG code to WIKI  (Read 103 times)


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Cannot copy JPEG code to WIKI
« on: February 14, 2013, 12:24:41 PM »

I copy code verbatim and it runs in QB64 fine after I change the INCLUDE 'FILELIST$.bm'.

I also have to change the function name to FILELIST$ when QB64 complains.

IT RUNS! Then I choose Select all in QB64 Edit Menu, copy and paste into WIKI. Copy it from page and it displays the file list, the parameters and then a bunch of numbers scroll down the page! I've tried this several times with no success!

The WIKI templater has not even been used and it still will not copy correctly. In fact for the FIRST TIME, the templater cannot copy and hold all of the code at once!

Codeguy, if you have some spare time clean the code up and I will try again. When it works, it works well. I'd get rid of the ERROR 106 line too! QB64 believes it.

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