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A really crazy idea
« on: December 11, 2017, 01:26:19 pm »
Why use QB64, mainly made for 64 bit addressing, on an 8 bit computer...

Hello I hope I can explain it to you in a correct English form, because I'm from Bavaria ( south German ) and my English isn't so good.
So I will try to you to  explain what I will do.
A crazy guy from the VIC-20 community is actually building a brand new VIC-20 Computer, with more RAM, more Colors and a better Graphic and Sound, also with more Memory.
I saw his project and it look quite funny at all. Also the complete system runs under 64 bit. So I thought about that idea, I will write a brand new Version of Basic and then I'd like to save this on EPROM, so it will be avaible on module for the VIC-20.
The best part of my project is, his new VIC-20 runs also under some sort of emulator on any PC, MAC ect.
The new Basic from me should be some sort of Q-Basic or QB64 or a mixture of BasicA from the early days, also I must included the complete original Basic V3 from the VIC-20.
Because I'd like the option to run maybe some easy MS-DOS Basic programs on a VIC-20 and a few other files.
That is the main reason for me, to build this Basic version for the VIC-20.
Also I have in the end of December till January a free time, so I mustn't work at all and for me it's fun and I can better learn to write programs. That's all. I hope I have explained it correctly to you. If there are any questions left, please feel free to ask.

cheerio Toni
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