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QB64 Discussion / Re: No more Sort SUBs in IDE?
« Last post by rickus on February 26, 2017, 04:35:22 pm »
Ah, that's excellent, Fellippe. Thanks!
QB64 Discussion / Re: No more Sort SUBs in IDE?
« Last post by FellippeHeitor on February 26, 2017, 11:52:12 am »
It was broken, but has been fixed. It's available in the latest daily build (February 14th).
QB64 Discussion / No more Sort SUBs in IDE?
« Last post by rickus on February 26, 2017, 11:11:44 am »
Sorry if this has been touched upon already, but in the latest version of the IDE I have (2017_02_07__05_07_44), one of my favorite features is missing:

View > SUBS > Sorted (A-Z)

Was there a problem with this function? Is it in found elsewhere in the IDE? Is it to appear again in a future version?

Sample Programs / Re: KK-NES v0.4 nes emulator
« Last post by keybonicplague on February 25, 2017, 07:27:38 am »
I tested the emulator with super mario bros 3. Great Job!!

So I would like to let you know that the emulator works quickly except for:

The background scrolling, this slows down the emulator considerably to the point of being unplayable.
This would also explain why people say it works great for games like Donkey Kong with a static background.

Also, this may be a side effect from the scrolling issue, but sometime when I press buttons it doesnt react in time.

So there is my constructive criticism, hope it helps. :)
Beginner's Help / Re: Questions about six beginner topics...
« Last post by FellippeHeitor on February 24, 2017, 10:46:48 pm »
Hi there.

1- In the Run menu, toggle "Save .exe in the source folder". A small dot will be visible next to this when it's on. From now on, both F5 (compile and run) and ctrl-F5 (compile and run detached), as well as F11 (just compile) will output the .exe to the same folder where the .bas was loaded from.

2a- yes. 2b- no; there's no interpreter, only a compiler.

3- FILES will list the current working dir's files but won't let you handle the list. There's a custom function in the wiki that'll be useful to you:$. Also, while you're browsing the wiki, look for _CWD$ and CHDIR (return the current directory and change directories, respectively).

4- F1 when the cursor is on a keyword. Shift-F1 for general help. Info may be outdated, but pages can be updated in the Help menu. It's fetched from the wiki, though. Save that link to your bookmark bar  :)

5- I run QB64 on an XP machine with only 1.5 GB of RAM. Give it a try.

6- There's a link around the forum with a tutorial on Android stuff. I'd say "it won't work, just stick to the desktop development". Don't be let down by my words, though. There are claims around that state the contrary.

But really it won't work. Android+QB64 is not a successful experiment.

I hope that helps.
Beginner's Help / Questions about six beginner topics...
« Last post by Cryptic on February 24, 2017, 08:14:31 pm »
    I've just installed QB64 and have tinkered with it for maybe a half hour (I'm definitely still a beginner with it).  I am just a hobbyist coder who's familiar with Python, qbasic, HTML4.0, VisualBasic, JavaScript, Batch file coding, DOS, Java, and a few other languages.  I am more of a jack of all trades than a master of any single language.
    Anyway, I  plan to start tracking down the answers to these questions just after I submit this post, but I figure that it might take me awhile so I'm going ahead and asking questions about all 6 topics first, in case I'm only half way through my search or something and then come back and check this post for maybe some more tips that I had'nt yet tracked down.

1) The QB64 IDE (ver1.1) saves an untitled *.bas file wherever that I choose to save it, but saves the corresponding *.exe file to the QB64 directory by default, only after the *.bas file is ran. Is there a way to set the QB64 prog to save compiled *.exe files to the same location as their corresponding *.bas file; or at least a way to set the QB64 prog to save compiled *.exe files to an alternate location?  Is it > run > save *.exe in the source folder?
2_a) Is it correct to assume that the *.exe file is automatically updated each time its corresponding *.bas file is edited and then ran again?
2_b) I guess that it doesn't really matter much on a newer computer (especially if "2_a)" is true), but is there a way in the QB64 IDE to only use its interpreter until a prog is finished, and then one can use CPU resources just once to compile the *.bas into a *.exe?
3) In the QB64 language, is there a command to get the filenames in a directory [like Python's listdir(PATH)]?  I was looking at the FILES (statement), which returns a list of files in the current directory path to the SCREEN.  So, I was going to first try something like...
    Make (.../.../...) the current directory, (does CHDIR or DIR$ do this?), then
    FILES = cardpics, then
    PRINT cardpics ... END...
4) Similar to the qb1.1 IDE, where I think it was the "F1" key, is there a way to quickly see available commands/statements/etc in the QB64 IDE?
5) I have qb1.1 on a WinXP OS.  I don't think it'd run QB64, so I believe that QB45 is the latest IDE that it'd upgrade to.  Is that correct?
6) I am familiar with Android's Lollipop OS.  Is it a relatively simple matter to port a program in QB64 to an Android phone (on a desktop, make a *.exe into a *.apk)?  I've read just a little bit about this, but didn't really completely understand everything since I've never done it before.  Is it necessary to have an emulator or something for the device that I'm coding the prog for?  I am coding an application in QB64 for my desktop PC, but I would probably get about 3X more use out of it if I also ported the code to my Android phone, so that I could conveniently use it wherever I happened to go with my phone.
Sample Programs / Re: KK-NES v0.4 nes emulator
« Last post by commandvom on February 24, 2017, 05:41:00 pm »
Try replace line with:

SOUND (t AND 63) * 50 + 37, .5

I think the error appear with values <37 or > 32767...
Sample Programs / Re: KK-NES v0.4 nes emulator
« Last post by TempodiBasic on February 24, 2017, 04:19:02 pm »
Hi  commandvom

I have tried with DigDug1.nes  14,98Kb and You're right it runs.... and have some issue with instruction at 930 line of main....
Code: [Select]
   SOUND (t AND 63) * 50 + 30, .5  that sometimes to make some sound at runtime  it makes this error Illegal function call. continue?

It can be a feedback to enpower this nice emulator!

Thank's to share
Sample Programs / Re: KK-NES v0.4 nes emulator
« Last post by commandvom on February 24, 2017, 03:48:20 pm »
Have some bugs and run fine with little ROMS (ex: 40k Donkey Kong, 22k Mario, not 150k Cabal,500k... but i think is 'fixable')
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